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Look into the eyeball



OK, so how to explain… this may be a first although I stand to be corrected. I did not take this photograph. It was taken today though. It’s actually a picture of the inside of my eyeball, which is either interesting or pretty gross depending on your point of view.

I am a glasses wearer, which means I have all sorts of problems when it comes to my photography. I need to take my glasses off to take pictures as a) its uncomfortable and b) most modern digital SLRs have this funky little focussing wheel that you can turn so that everything is in sharp focus. And, before you ask, I cannot wear contact lenses. I have a bit of a problem with eyes or more specifically touching my eyes or putting anything in my eyes. Even eye drops are pretty impossible to get in as I usually blink. Not sure where this comes from but it’s probably the eye trauma from films like Dead and Buried, Zombie Flesh Eaters and Opera that I lapped up in my youth.

Anyway, today I reluctantly went for an eye examination (the first in 5 years – very naughty of me since you’re supposed to go every two years) and it seems that technology has moved on. Not only have they made that thing that fires air into your eyeballs slightly less painful, they now also photograph the inside of your eyeball – to check for signs of diabetes, glaucoma, etc – and then e-mail it to you! My, how technology has changed the way we do things. Now, providing I keep to regular eye examination appointments, they will be able to compare images from test to test and hopefully catch anything nasty earlier.

So there you go; a photograph of the inside of the photographer’s eyeball. Don’t say I don’t spoil you. Or go that extra mile to bring you something different. Apparently, everything is fine, my prescription has not changed in the 5-year period since my eyes were last examined, and that is actually a picture of a healthy eye. Bought some new glasses too so that I can put them down and forget them, stand on them or leave them up a volcano, all of which I have done in the past.

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