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Glass bw

An old photo revisited in black and white. I think I may have blogged the colour original way back at the start of this craziness but I can’t find it in the archive. No matter, it was so long ago that I probably didn’t do my best job on it. Besides, all that glass and steel looks so much better in black and white, like some nefarious clinic from a David Cronenberg film.

Still ploughing through the wedding photos and have finally whittled down the 700+ to approximately 300 – far more manageable and a weight off my mind. Guest posts still gratefully received… Contact details can be found in the ‘About the Author’ tab

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The tower

Tonight is the night that this blog almost died. In fact it still might. After a frustrating night of processing wedding images (and boy do I so not want to be a wedding photographer – hats off to the brave souls that do it for a living) I find that I am losing the will to live. To be honest I can see no way of delivering these images by the end of the month and keeping the blog going. I know that I have set a difficult task in attempting to blog every day, but to be honest I don’t really thing anyone cares, least of all me. Its only my own stubbornness that has got me this far and July is pretty good going. I may feel better in the morning but its ten to midnight and I can see no end in sight. This, coupled with the fact that hardly anyone reads this anyway,  means that it may well be time to throw in the towel, admit defeat, take a break, get these wedding photos done and pick up the blog again in a few weeks time (if at all). The edifice is crumbling and for the sake of my own sanity and wellbeing something is going to have to give.

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Weathercock bw

Do you simply reflect changes in the patterns of the sky,
Or is it true to say the weather heeds the twinkle in your eye?
Do you fight the rush of winter; do you hold snowflakes at bay?
Do you lift the dawn sun from the fields and help him on his way?
Weathercock, Jethro Tull

I’m not a huge Jethro Tull fan to be honest; thankfully prog rock passed me by in favour of post punk, ska and indie rock (we’ll gloss over the new romantic years, even if I do still contend that Fade to Grey by Visage and Quiet Life by Japan are stone-cold classics). I was searching to see if weathercock is one word or two and came across these lyrics, which seemed to fit with the picture. Thankfully, weathercock is one word so hopefully this post will not be tagged as pornography by search engines. And why a cockerel? Do they have notable powers of weather prediction? Answers on a postcard please.

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(Not) A broad church

Broad church

Whilst traipsing the streets of Bala, North Wales last weekend we passed this church. It seemed remarkable only in that is was so tall and thin compared to the surrounding buildings and was slotted in to such a small space in terms of width. Anyway, it seemed worthy of a photograph and here it is. Once can only wonder how many parishioners can fit inside at one time; mind you it was a Church of England building in the midst of Wales, so perhaps there aren’t that many to cause a problem.

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And another thing…


So if you saw yesterday’s post and you are reading this on Saturday 11th June then lucky you. It appears that I am not an absolute idiot after all and that posting through Glastonbury is not only feasible but achievable. I really love this picture. It’s an old one revisited taken at the very end of Llandudno pier but for me it has that essence of winter seaside that I love. The couple on the bench just make it and what a glorious Victorian building the pavilion is.

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Testing… testing…

St Pauls

If you are reading this on Friday 10th June and not before then the experiment has worked. I am away for a few days so this seemed a good time to test if I can set up the blog to post automatically if I prepare the posts in advance. This will be invaluable come Glastonbury in 2 weeks times. This is an arty farty shot that I have entered in the Society6 ‘Whiteout’ collaboration. I actually think its turned out quite well and I have high hopes for it making the cut. although I have probably jinxed that now… Oh, and the picture – St Pauls Cathedral in That London from the Millennium Bridge but I’m sure you knew that.

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Across the Mersey


This is a photograph that I unsuccessfully entered in the recent ‘Capture Liverpool’ competition, which was part of Look 11, the on-going Liverpool photographic festival. You were only allowed one entry and I chose this one purely because I thought it offered something unusual in that I was attempting to capture the WHOLE city (plus Birkenhead on the other side of the water). Since I have got the ‘thanks but no thanks’ email re the prize winners I thought I might as well blog it. Liverpool is a city that means a lot to me as it is my alma mater (see I’m right posh me) and the place where I first lived away from the family home. Admittedly it is a very ‘unique’ city, a city that tends to look outwards towards Ireland and America rather than inland to its neighbours. But that is no bad thing. My love of water and seascapes can probably be traced back to the years I spent in this city and it’s a place I visit often, being only 35 minutes away. With hindsight its probably not that great a photograph but its emotional resonance holds; also it was taken from a very precarious position at the end of one of the breakwaters in New Brighton and I’d like to think as a result it’s pretty unique (although I’m probably wrong).

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From one old man’s name to another… Gerald to Edward. In this case Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s oldest son and a statue that sits on the Pier Head in Liverpool, as evidenced by the Liver Building in the background. Short blog post today as a) its Friday b) I’m going out and c) the baby sitter is already here. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts (assuming you have it wherever you are)

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New York Triptych

Our camping exhibition to North Wales has been cancelled due to a) inclement weather and b) lack of enthusiasm for all concerned. As a result the womenfolk have gone out on the razzle leaving us men with only the comfort of the Champions League final cling to. Its a hard life! In truth, the only downside is that we have the kids to look after also but given that its Doctor Who night and we have a voucher for Dominos pizza there is no mountain that cannot be climbed. At the moment they have gone to play with the kids over the road so I am taking the opportunity to do some photo work.

This image is one I put together last month from the old photographs of New York that I found in the loft. It is my first attempt at a triptych and as such I’m pretty pleased with. As usual YouTube  proved invaluable and this is one thing that I have learned that should be passed on. When stuck on how best to process an image have a look on YouTube. Nine times out of ten, someone will have uploaded a handy video taking you through the process step by step. As I am self-teaching with regards to photo processing this has proved a real lifesaver.

Although I have blogged a couple of these images before I think they work well as a threesome, particularly with the twin towers in the middle. Again this is another small step forward towards doing things with more artistic merit than just landscapes. By trying to think this through as a piece of wall art I think the three images together work much better than they do individually.

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Competition fail

Albion Inn

I have recently entered some photographs for a competition (fingers crossed) and was with most photo competitions there were various categories under which you could enter. All of my entries were accepted bar this one. The category was ‘Local Britain’. What better way to illustrate this I thought that with a traditional British ‘local’ (for overseas readers, vernacular for a public house). Even better that said local is called The Albion Inn. But no. The image was rejected. Not because it’s a bad picture (for the record I think its pretty good) and not for the fact that it did not meet the stringent image criteria – it is the right orientation, size and format. It was rejected because it was deemed to be ‘advertising’. Now with all the will in the world I’m not sure how this can be the case. There are no logos, no brewery signs, nothing promoting anything at all. It’s just a typical British corner pub. So in other words my picture is deemed to advertise a pub rather than being a picture of a pub. I find this quite amusing and I would be intrigued to know how many other images are falling foul of this rule. I obviously have to consider these things more carefully Winking smile

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