I am now a verfied member of the Society6 community of artists, which provides a micro-patronage for members producing art in a variety if media from photography, to painting, to graphic art, etc.

Society6 provides me with a virtual gallery in which I can display my work and generate support. The more viewers who like my photoographs and ‘promote’ them, the higher up on the “charts” the images will rise. My studio allows viewers to follow my progress, and hiopefullyc build the artist-viewer relationship even further. So far its going quite well, with one image already on the front page of the photography section and another accepted as a print for sale via Urban outfitters.

My Society6 studio can be found here

Many of the better photographs from the blog have found there way on here and it provides a perfect forum for me to sell prints, stretched canvases, ipad & laptop cases, iphone cases and even T-shirts whilst at the same time still owning the work.

Please go and have a look at the wonderful artwork on display from some very talented individuals!


3 responses to “Society6

  • Sam

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve been recently thinking about joining Society6 to sell some of my photos, and, as a fellow photographer, I was wondering if you could sort of give an update on your experience? It seems photography takes a back seat to other art forms at Society6, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. Any thoughts?


    • Mark

      Hi Sam

      Society6 has been a great experience for me but I will say that it takes time and patience. Of all the sites I have tried to promote my photos it’s the only one that has worked consistently in terms of selling work. I will not lie to you and say that I have got rich since joining Society6 but I have been able to fund my hobby.

      The Good
      Uploading photos is incredibly quick and incredibly easy – certainly compared to other sites where uploading becomes a chore in itself.
      The community is very supportive. You need to get 5 artists to ‘like’ your work before it becomes available to buy so it pays to promote other people’s work and build up a network of followers.
      You set your own profit margins and there is a range of products – in my experience iPhone cases sell well and at volume.
      You don’t have to get involved in printing, shipping etc and the quality of the products is very high.

      The Bad
      It can take a while to get going and to get noticed. The more you post and the more you recommend the better your chances. It has taken me around 8 months to get to a point where my work is selling at a steady rate.
      Image positioning on Society 6 (i.e. how close you are to the front pages) is based purely on sales and promotions count for little. Therefore, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that those works that sell the most also are seen the most and therefore get the most promotions. In other words promotions count for little other than that warm glow you get from knowing that other artists like your work. Those artists whose work is selling are always at the front of the site. However, you can filter by media type and product – two of my photos are front page if I filter photography>>i-phone cases.

      Hope that helps. Drop me a line on if you want to discuss further.


  • Sam

    Thanks, Mark, that was helpful. I suppose it sounds like Society6 would be a good starting point. To be honest, I’m not in it for the money (it’s a hobby for me, too) but obviously that would be nice! I want to eventually limit the amount of photos I sell, so maybe this is a place that will garner interest in my work as a whole

    Again, thanks for the information, and I do really like your work! I had at one point also started a photo-a-day project, but I also stopped fairly soon because I found myself posting for the sake of it, not necessarily because I thought something was quality enough to post. Hopefully, one day, I can start that back up again.


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