Glastonbury 2011: Day 2

Thursday morning bw

My second day at this year’s Glastonbury festival started very early. I had agreed via Twitter to shoot some footage of @GlastoDancer as he began his marathon dance (website explaining all here). This was a precursor to an attempt at the non-stop dancing world record for later this year. Although I managed to film the start of his marathon task I did not manage to catch up with him again during the festival but I do know that he completed his task, despite the mud. He started dancing in the rain, which was a precursor to the deluge to come on Friday. Hopefully, the short footage I shot will be usable and may feature in a documentary that is being put together.

After leaving @GlastoDancer dancing in a café tent to keep dry I went for a little wander, during which it rained very heavily, the sun came out and a rainbow appeared. This pretty much set the template for the day. I had breakfast, wandered for miles and took some photographs including the one heading the blog, which pictures a man with a chair on his head walking through the site at about 7 am in the morning.

As the festival does not officially start until Friday this was a day for exploring and getting my bearings; although the site layout is pretty much the same each year, things do move about and you can’t rely on your memory as entire areas can change location. After the Brothers cider-fuelled Glastonbury Twitter meet-upI sat in the sun for a bit, came across a world-record attempt for the largest ever game of Twister (both pictured below) and waited for my friends to arrive from Cornwall, which they duly did late afternoon.



Thursday evening was then spent wandering the darker recesses of the site with a trip to Shangri La, which can best be described as a post-apocalyptic wasteland where ‘all the weird shit happens’. The fact that U2 were headlining on the Friday night had split most festival goers; whilst their showmanship and back catalogue were never in doubt there was the thorny issue of Bono’s tax status to contend with and the general consensus that the U2 front man is generally ‘a bit of a nob’. This is probably best illustrated by the photos below which were taken in Shangri La. At this stage I was not sure if I was going to see U2 or not. I knew I wanted to see Morrissey who was on right before them but it was all very much still in the balance…


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