Happy New Year!


New Year’s resolutions are always difficult to maintain. Mine are always the same – to eat and drink less, to exercise and to not worry so much over things that I have no control over. Invariably my resolutions last until the point at which I have my first bad day at work. This year I resolve to update this blog more frequently and to this end I am hoping to engage in an experiment which I can only fail in executing – that of updating this blog with a photograph taken every day of 2011. Now I know that this is doomed to heroic failure from the outset as there are bound to be times when I am unable to update it – Glastonbury for example. But, with my hand on heart I do intend to update it as regularly as is humanly possible.

This will obviously mean a drop in quality (what quality I hear you cry); some pictures will be phone snaps and some will be those I’ve taken on a rare planned trip dedicated to photography. You are bound to see the joins and I make no apologies. Some pictures may be old or recycled; hell some may not even be taken by me but believe me when I say that I don’t want this blog to die as it has been in danger of doing over the last few months.

I also intend to blog less about the photographs themselves and more to use the images to illustrate what I want to talk about. This may lead to some short, uninspiring blog posts (such as this one) but hopefully you will stick around for the long haul if only to see me fail heroically.

This blog was started to document my progress. I have improved. People have paid for my pictures. I have done some commercial photography work. All of this was beyond my wildest dreams when I started. So, going forward, I intend to maybe place more emphasis on the ‘confessions’ than on the ‘photographer’. I am 43 years of age and find that my head is constantly full of worries, crazy ideas, tales of missed opportunity, triumphs (my family being chief amongst these). It has been commented that this blog works best when I go off on a wild tangent or discuss something more personal; in other words when it’s not about the photography but about the things that concern, delight, appal and enrage me. I therefore intend to bring these elements to the fore and illustrate appropriately.

Happy New Year. Let’s make it a good one. no doubt all the above will turn out to be empty promises but it won’t be for want of trying on my part.

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About Mark

I am a 43-year-old amateur photographer from Chester, Cheshire UK. I took up digital photograpy a couple of years ago after hitting 40. See it as my mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, unlike, say, forming a band, having a tattoo or buying a motorcycle I have come to realise that the particular hobby I have chosen as a means to escape the drudgery of the day job is probably one of the most expensive. On May 12th 2009 I spent a marvellous informative day with professional photographer Stewart Randall. This has prompted me to take my photography more seriously and, although I don't expect it to lead to a career change, maybe sell or license some of my images so that I can fund my hobby. I hope you like the images I post and please feel free to comment. All constructive criticism is welcomed. This blog will document my attempts to get to grips with the digital medium and see if I can get some wider recognition for my images. View all posts by Mark

One response to “Happy New Year!

  • Simon Greenwood

    Nice shot Mark. I had visions of the lantern catching fire and falling on top of you as you lay underneath it for this pic.

    Good luck for 2011. I’m sure that your photography will continue on its upward trajectory as did this Chinese Lantern last night!

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