Another Place

Seul contre tous, originally uploaded by Zardoz67.

So there I was. Saturday 2nd January 2010 on Crosby Beach, Merseyside. Sub zero temperatures. Water up to my knees, no wellies, no gloves, fingers so cold that I could not feel the shutter button to press it. Was it worth it? I think so. For once I am not going to waffle on. I am proud of this photo and if I take another one half as good in 2010 then I’ll be very happy.

Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ is an installation consisting of countless statues of the artist (although all are tagged and numbered) spaced out along a huge stretch of North Sea beachfront in Crosby. Some are always visible, others are almost always submerged and can be viewed only when the tide is out (like the one pictured). The location is industrial, with wind turbines and dock cranes at one end, but the effect, especially in fading light on a cold Winter’s day is magical. If you live in the North West and haven’t been then why the hell not.

Again I seem to produce my best pictures by the sea… maybe there’s something in the genes (my surname is Nelson after all). I hope you like the picture. Comments are welcome


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I am a 43-year-old amateur photographer from Chester, Cheshire UK. I took up digital photograpy a couple of years ago after hitting 40. See it as my mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, unlike, say, forming a band, having a tattoo or buying a motorcycle I have come to realise that the particular hobby I have chosen as a means to escape the drudgery of the day job is probably one of the most expensive. On May 12th 2009 I spent a marvellous informative day with professional photographer Stewart Randall. This has prompted me to take my photography more seriously and, although I don't expect it to lead to a career change, maybe sell or license some of my images so that I can fund my hobby. I hope you like the images I post and please feel free to comment. All constructive criticism is welcomed. This blog will document my attempts to get to grips with the digital medium and see if I can get some wider recognition for my images. View all posts by Mark

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