Calm reflection

Canal cottage, originally uploaded by Zardoz67.

Yay. Ear infection on the wane at last and starting to feel myself again after 7 days. It’s been a funny and depressing week, probably because I’ve been ill but also because I have realised that I have not been successful in some of the competitions I have entered. It’s swings and roundabouts really – I was thrilled to be a runner up in the Photobox christmas card competition (and incidentally my entry was the only photograph chosen, the rest were all graphical images) but a bit pissed off by my failure for the second year running in the Countryfile photographic competition (curse you John Craven!). Whilst, the finalists are undoubtedly very good I would like to think that I was not far off; the thing with competitions is that you never know how close you have got.

So I have dusted myself off and set to work focusing on this year’s RHS photography competition in which I had a minor success last year. Choosing which images to enter proved really difficult so I let friends and my wife do it for me. Thankfully, some sort of consensus was reached and I’ll be posting my entries off today. Winner announced in January 2010!

So, a period of calm reflection has been called for. Last time I had a crisis of confidence I received some very good advice from a friend who is a writer and that is to keep going and focus on the positive. The last image I posted of Dinas Bran castle has had such a nice response on facebook and flickr that I’m pretty sure it’s a pretty good image – it’s certainly a picture that I would not have been able to take this time last year so progress is being made. I am also very close to being able to afford that new lens I keep banging on about but still not sure whether to go macro or wide angle (can’t afford both).

Speaking of calm reflection, today’s picture was again taken in Llangollen on the way back down from the castle. It’s a cottage on the bank of the canal (Shropshire and Union I think) and it’s a pit picture postcardy but hopefully in a good way.

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I am a 43-year-old amateur photographer from Chester, Cheshire UK. I took up digital photograpy a couple of years ago after hitting 40. See it as my mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, unlike, say, forming a band, having a tattoo or buying a motorcycle I have come to realise that the particular hobby I have chosen as a means to escape the drudgery of the day job is probably one of the most expensive. On May 12th 2009 I spent a marvellous informative day with professional photographer Stewart Randall. This has prompted me to take my photography more seriously and, although I don't expect it to lead to a career change, maybe sell or license some of my images so that I can fund my hobby. I hope you like the images I post and please feel free to comment. All constructive criticism is welcomed. This blog will document my attempts to get to grips with the digital medium and see if I can get some wider recognition for my images. View all posts by Mark

One response to “Calm reflection

  • Catherine

    I love this! I do jigsaws in winter as can’t get out so much (I know it’s sad but there you go) and this would be a perfect picture for one, in an entirely good way.

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